Sunday, July 11, 2010

Need a Small Break

I finally moved up to the 200s today. I lost 1400, and my EV line was -600. I played pretty horribly. I just snap called and snap shoved without thinking about it. After I make the move, I know instantly in my head that it is bad. Then just now, the 200s/100s/50s weren't loading fast enough, so I 1 tabled some super turbo HU along with the 9 mans. Mixing two different game types usually ends up badly for me, and I lost 10 buyins at the 100s in HU... although I did run terribly. I actually thought I played decently.

I am going to not let myself play any 9 mans tomorrow as a punishment for playing so badly. I tend to get myself into these cycles where I feel myself go back into autopilot mode after playing a bunch.

Those are my stats per day for the month. Click on the picture for a larger view. You can see from the # of games I have been playing that I have put in quite a lot of games. Playing badly when moving up is not a good thing. So tomorrow is going to be an off day, where I am going to finish a lot of errands that I have been putting off, and then hopefully it's back to playing my best on Tuesday.

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