Friday, July 30, 2010

The Isildur1 Incident

A couple of days ago during a heads up session, I registered for a $102 super turbo. Someone joined and I was shocked to see that it was Isil1dur. Now although I am not a big poker gossip/high stakes railbird person, I have definitely heard of Isildur. I also knew that there was a "1" somewhere in his screenname. I immediately thought that the guy I was playing was the real deal and quickly hit Print Screen and pasted it in Paint.

Then it struck me to do a quick google search for Isildur. I typed in "isildur poker wiki" and waited with great anticipation. Although I have played with some big names online - Chris Ferguson, Andy Bloch and Grey Raymer to name a few, isildur would have been a whole new level. My google search led me to this page and I was sad to see that the real one was spelled "Isildur1". So who was I playing against?

You know that something is strange when you would rather play against one of the most feared poker players in the world over a biggish donkey.

What happened against the fake isildur? I don't remember. I certainly would have if it had been the real one.

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