Saturday, July 17, 2010

More Tables = More Money

For now anyway. I cannot believe that I didn't think of increasing my tables earlier. I have chatted with a few super turbo regs over the past few months, and invariably the conversation goes to how many tables we play. And I always get the surprised response asking why I only played a maximum of 9 tables. It's not like I cannot click buttons and think fast and I have 18 tabled regular turbos before. I have even 6 tabled 1/2 PLO 6 max along with 4 regular turbos.

So I FINALLY increased my number of tables to 12. And this has done a few amazing things for me:

1. I no longer have time to constantly refresh my red line and worry about it. This lets me focus my energy on just making the best decisions.
2. When I make borderline shoves/calls, I am now more likely to miss the result of the hand. When I used to see the result, I would sometimes become results-oriented and leaks could creep in.
3. I get in more games per hour!!!

My long term super turbos per hour has been 24. Over the last couple of days, I have played 200 super turbos in 6.3 hours for a 33% increase to 32 super turbos per hour.

I will probably continue to only play 1-2 sessions per day until the British Open is over on Sunday. A friend and I have an interesting low stakes prop bet on golf majors. We each got to pick 3 guys who have never won majors. We get around $25 if one of our guys wins a major in 2010.

My picks:
1. Lee Westwood
2. Ian Poulter
3. Henrik Stenson

His picks:
1. Steve Stricker
2. Paul Casey
3. Sergio Garcia

I love my picks because he is drawing dead with Garcia, and Stricker doesn't seem to contend in majors.

Anyway, 1550 super turbos to go for the month. I might increase the overall challenge from 1750 to 2000 super turbos, since I am getting in that many more per hour.


  1. Haha..way to go :)
    won't take long before you go hardcore and 72 table. GL :)

  2. There's a maximum of 16 tables on Full Tilt, so 72 tabling is out of the question!!