Friday, July 9, 2010

Annoying Day, Good Month So Far

Today has been quite the annoying poker day.

I was planning on playing 175 super turbos today, to hit 1000 for the month. Little did I know what would follow. I woke up as usual around 10AM and went through my usual morning routine - brushed my teeth, ate breakfast, drank coffee, and watched an episode of White Collar (awesome show) that I recorded the previous night. I then opened Full Tilt, but saw there was a server update. No biggie, I just messed around and did nothing the whole afternoon.

After Full Tilt was back up, there was a software update. So I installed the new software, and finally sat down to play some super turbos. CRASH. Full Tilt crashed on me before I even registered for a game. That should have been my first sign to stay away and take the day off. But I persisted, reloaded the client, and fired up a set. I played for a couple of hours and everything was going fine, the red line was going up. CRASH. It crashed again. It took me a minute to get back, and that's quite a long time in the super turbo world. I ended the session there.

I then had dinner, and loaded up another session (WHY???). CRASH. CRASH. It crashed twice during the session. Then the weirdest thing ever happened. FREEZE. A popup on Full Tilt wouldn't go away. I wasn't able to press the "OK" button. I didn't have access to the lobby, but the tables were running fine. So I just played the tables, and new ones kept popping up. (Did I mention I had a problem with Table Ninja where it registered me for tournaments?). I kept playing. Then I had a thought - what if some of the tables weren't popping up due to the error? I frantically IM'ed a few people to check what i was registered in, and thankfully I was playing everything that I was in. After I finished the tables, GG Full Tilt for the day.

Oh right, I also got killed in that final session as you can see the drop at the end. HOWEVER, my red line was still at +267 for the day, and I even made a little money post-rakeback today. I guess I shouldn't complain, but it definitely was annoying.

I am still at 930 super turbos for the month, and it has been a really good month so far. The red line is at 7.1% ROI, and my actual winnings are a whopping 20.4% ROI.

It's so pleasing to see the red line at $5/game including rakeback. I finally feel like the hard work I have put in rebuilding my game is paying off. I really want to play more right now after that last session where I got killed and frozen, but I am following my brain instead of my heart, and not playing while Full Tilt is acting up like this. I hope these problems are solved and I can put in a lot of volume tomorrow.


  1. Psych is also a better show. Apparently you're better at playing poker than choosing quality television shows on USA.

  2. Same problem here yesterday, crashed 4 times...
    I hope they solved it since then, as there was a new software update later.

    You can check your running games by pressing CTRL+R!


  3. Baron - I might make Psych the next TV show I watch.

    Pete - Thanks for the Ctrl+R Tip

  4. royal pain or leverage