Friday, July 23, 2010

Plodding Along Nicely

I started the 1750 Super Turbo Challenge on July 15th and since then I have played only 508 super turbos. I have been a little busy in real life though, and I did play more heads up super turbos today than 9 mans. I am going to try my best to finish the 1750, but I might just play more heads up instead. Here is the graph of the 508 super turbos:

This is just 17 hours of playing, which means I am getting in 30 per hour which is very nice. Even though I increased my tables to 12, I still managed to save some cool/weird/WTF hands.

I played 86 HU super turbos today - all 100s. I went 49-37 while running a little above EV. I really love the structure. You start out 25BB deep and there is some room to play. If the game lasts 5 minutes, then it gets into the push/shove game.. which I don't mind at all. Here is my HU graph for the day:

And now to 2 of the hands I saved -

Here is the worst bubble call I have ever seen. It was pretty nice to coast into the money in a 100.

And here is my favourite HU hand. It's more of a brag than anything else. Villain was a fish, and his PSB on the river was pretty much always trips+ or air.


  1. 1st hand : 4 handed in the 2nd level in a $100? WTF?

  2. It was HU at 25/50 and we chopped it. It took 7 minutes :)