Saturday, July 24, 2010

Long Day of Heads Up

I played 108 heads up super turbos today and went 64-44 for a profit of 1784. I was 1-tabling and it took me around 7 hours. I would give myself a B+ or so on how well I played. I definitely was on top of things most of the time, but I felt myself making stupid plays towards the end without thinking. A couple of years ago, I copied and pasted this piece of advice (gold) from FoxwoodFiend's well on 2p2:

start thinking about why you're doing what you're doing would be my suggestion. if you ever find yourself doing something without knowing why and just because you want to win the pot, quit. poker is about too many close decisions to be making calls and shoves thoughtlessly, losing the discipline to make tough decisions is disastrous at any stakes.

For most of the day, there was definitely reasoning behind my decisions. Towards the end I felt myself making silly plays like shoving QJo at 10/20 with 500 chips after the guy 3x'd me for the first time after limping/minraising 10 hands. That is something I should just never do while 1-tabling.

Tomorrow's goal is to play my best at all times. Here is today's graph:

My red line disease is really bad to be worried about the dip from games 80 to 108. I seriously need to stop worrying about it. I am looking forward to another 100+ heads up super turbos day tomorrow with solid decision making. THINK ABOUT EVERY DECISION!

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