Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Super Turbo Weirdness

Let's talk red line. Today was going fine... after 150 games, my red line was +1500. Then something happened. I don't know what. I started running into hands, shoving WAY too wide, and making dumb calls. My red line ended up at -700 through 235 super turbos. For those last 100 games, it felt like I was the fish in the game. WHY DO I FEEL THAT WAY? I have crushed these games for over 15k games, but when my red line nosedives over 100 games, I doubt myself.

I just hate seeing the red line down. I played 9 hours and it's down 700. It makes me feel like the day has been a waste.

And I KNOW that what I just wrote is nonsense. The red line has swings of it's own. I need to go back to the Attitude Change that I talked about earlier. I have to keep putting in the games and play well. I definitely didn't play my A game today.

I am going to post my graph of the year so far, which will put that latest red line downswing in perspective. It's so silly to get worked up over it.

Whoever said that playing poker professionally was easy is so wrong.

I actually made 1300 today, but it didn't even strike me that I was up. I am so obsessed with the red line. Before I knew of it, I would refresh my cashier 100 times a session. Now I refresh my red line 100 times a session.

My only goal for tomorrow is to play a decent amount and think about every decision. If I do that, then the red line will take care of itself.

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  1. There has been alot of talk on the raise the river poker forum about checking the balance whilst playing. The general advice on there is to try and not check the balane at all and just concentrate on playing. Poker is about long term profitablility and not short term winning or losing, so the idea is to play your best poker, not care about daily winnings and check at the end of the month.

    All that said, i can't do that but then i'm not certain i'm a winning player so need to check what my bankroll is.

    I think the whole idea cam from a book called the poker mindset. i've had a look and found the link to the forum that discussed this: