Saturday, November 21, 2009


After a few hours of playing today, I suddenly realized that I was completely in autopilot mode. I think this is one of the worst habits to fall into as a poker player. I realized that I was not playing my A game at all, and that I had become a little overconfident that I could beat the games without thinking.

I managed to snap out of it, and started thinking and applying myself more. And, it seemed to work so far. My EV line was at -1600 for the day, and ended up at +800. I was pretty pleased with that, as it seemed to be a direct consequence of me playing a lot better. With how I'm running during this challenge, it's a safe bet that I didn't actually win money for the day, I lost around 1500.

Graph for the day -

-1000 for the day, when you include rakeback.

Overall Profit: 5079

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