Friday, November 13, 2009

30 Day Challenge

Welcome to my blog!!

I've always loved reading other poker blogs (shout out to Aaron), but I never felt the urge to keep one. The reason I am starting one is that my motivation to play a lot has been dwindling in the past few months.

So, starting tomorrow, I am challenging myself to make 20k in 30 days at super turbos, including rakeback. I have had a couple of 20k months before, but it doesn't seem like that will happen unless I actually play. I will be playing the 160s, and if there aren't enough of them running, I will mix in a few 70s, 42s, and 28s. I won't be playing more than 12 tables at once.

Reasons for this challenge -
1. Motivate myself to play a lot more poker.
2. Make money.
3. Move up the leaderboard for most profit in Super Turbos for the year. I am currently in 5th.
4. I like challenges.

I will try and update this everyday, and maybe post graphs and detailed results once a week or whenever I feel like (when I run good obviously).

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