Thursday, December 10, 2009


I played around 7 hours today, but it seemed like I played forever. That's because it wasn't one of my best days... I didn't play well, I didn't concentrate, I autopiloted.

Note to self:

There, I got that off my chest.

I played 3 sessions today -

1. I started my first session by joining a $6.50 Super Turbo MTT and the Turbo Hundo ($100 MTT). I final tabled the 6.50 and busted in like 20th in the Turbo Hundo. Pretty standard, right? Except, I put all my focus into the MTT's, because it had been a while since I played one and it just felt nice. As a result, I played pretty horribly in the Super Turbos and lost a bit.

2. I played only Super Turbos in my 2nd session. However, I tried a new setup by having my monitor and my laptop both as screens. I put the Full Tilt lobby on my laptop, and all my tables on my monitor. This saved me the hassle of constantly minimizing and restoring the lobby while registering. Then I had this problem - Link to 2p2 Thread. I broke even for the session.

3. For my last session of the day, I reminded myself about making the best decisions in every SNG, and pretty much did that. I got it back to slightly positive for the day, and more importantly my red line went up quite a bit.

I really really HATE not playing well and making instacalls and instapushes that I immediately realize are bad after I do it. That's why I need to keep thinking about every decision.

This has just been a rambling entry, but that's how I feel right now - happy this day is over and looking forward to tomorrow.

Overall profit after day 9: 17,744

Day 8: Didn't play
Day 9: +388

I had a nice day off yesterday, catching up on some TV shows and going to the gym. I am still waiting for the go-ahead from Full Tilt for the blog contest. Good night!

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