Friday, December 18, 2009

Blog Contest and Downswinging

Blog Contest:

I decided to stop waiting for Full Tilt's reply on my blog contest, so I emailed PokerStars an hour ago. They already replied and gave me the go ahead!

I added this super cool flag counter to the right side of my blog. It counts the number of unique visitors from each country that read my blog. I added it a week ago, and currently there are 24 countries represented. I want you to guess the date when my blog will reach 30 countries. In the entry, I want you to include the following details -

1. Date when it reaches 30 countries
2. The number of unique visitors USA has on that day (tiebreaker)
3. Your PokerStars username

Leave your answers in a comment. I will likely leave it open for two days, but get your entries in ASAP because I will close it whenever I feel like!

The winner gets $50 sent to them on PokerStars, but has to flip it with me at a cash table! I will post the hand history here. If you're reading my blog and don't have a PokerStars ID (mostly my real life friends), just put your name on there and if you win, create an ID, and we'll flip it.


Poker is no fun when you're on a downswing, and this current run is the worst I have ever experienced. I have had a 15k downswing at PLO, but that took a month. This one happened in 3 days. It's pretty devastating and I'm doing my best to not let it affect me. But, it definitely has, and I have not been playing my best. I really really really really want to get back to playing my A game in the next few days. It's going to be a long and tough struggle to complete this challenge, but I am still confident of doing it.

Overall Profit after day 18: 11483

The graph is really nasty. I went from being 9k above EV to 3k below EV. The worst part of the graph isn't the actual money I have lost... it's the stupid red line actually going down for the first time in super turbos. I am definitely not making good decisions, and that is changing starting immediately.


  1. Example entry:

    1. 30/2/2025 (yes, we logically do it day/month/year)
    2. 222
    3. iamafish

    *In this space, you give me all your run good, because I need it*

  2. 29/12/2009

    *I run bad too*

  3. 1. 24/12/2009
    2. 166
    3. mrrugball

    *ALL THE RUN GOOD(except in our flip ;D)*

  4. 1. 20/12/2009
    2. 18
    3. JCole200

    *I am not good at poker.. I just like reading about it. That prediction that you'll get the money but not win the leaderboard is looking pretty good halfway into the month.*