Monday, May 31, 2010

176 and Done

I have to admit that naming my blog titles after how many super turbos I have played for the day saves me a couple of minutes in trying to come up with a blog title!

Today was a really pleasing day. I put in nearly 7 hours despite it being a Sunday, and played 176 super turbos (duh). I have been sticking to my rule of not playing anything higher than the 100s, and it's working out well. So much of the stress has been removed. Without further ado, here is today's beautiful graph:

The graph looks even better when I convert the dollar to buyins on the axes. In dollar terms, the red line was +1265 and the green line was +2101. It feels phenomenal to run good and see the red line go up.

That is now 280 super turbos completed in the mini 1000 super turbo challenge after 2 days. I had a bit of a headache today towards the end, which is why I didn't complete my target of 200 for the day. I think finishing the 1000 in another 5 days is realistic.

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