Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Is It Just Me?

Ever since I have played poker professionally, I have had unusual stretches of playing and not playing. I would play 45 days in a row, then take 20 days off. Right now, I am in one of those long periods of not playing. It's probably been 10 days or so since I have put in decent volume. I feel guilty when I read blogs and posts of other players about how motivated they are. However, I have put myself in this position and I have the luxury of taking time off whenever I want. It is one of the advantages of playing poker professionally. Is it just me that takes such long breaks from poker?

I also took this break right when my rakeback site started holding weekly rake races. I would get $3300 for winning all 4 rake races in May. This is a nice little bonus for the month. Having said that, I have already missed all of week 1. Ugh.

I feel myself slowly wondering when I will start playing again. I anticipate it being another 3 or 4 days. I might then do a "poker week" that Aaron "The Baron" Barone told me about. It would basically be a week of eating, sleeping, and breathing poker. I really need a high volume week like that to get back to putting in some solid hours. The poker week shall commence shortly!

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  1. Eat, sleep, and breathe poker? I want credit for that phrase too!