Saturday, May 29, 2010

Trying to Rebuild

A couple of weeks ago, Aaron "The Baron" Barone sweated me and it really got me thinking again about super turbos. I then watched a couple of faarcyde videos on Cardrunners. I decided to move down a bit and rebuild. Since then, I have played 988 super turbos and the results have been poor. The problem is I didn't stick to any buyin. I played mostly 50s, 100s, and 200s, but I played a few 350s, and even a 500 which was soft. I also played some 35s to fill in some sets.

Playing a 35 and a 350 at the same time makes 0 sense. It's tough to play well at the 35s when you're playing a super turbo that is 10 times the buyin right next to it. The results are painful to look at:

I have decided I need to stick to a couple of buyin levels. For the next 1000 super turbos, I am not going to play anything above the 100s. It's going to be mainly 50s and 100s, and a few 35s if nothing is running. I am going to try and play a ton and hopefully finish them in 5 days. If I don't beat them, then I am going to drop down another level. That would be terrible, so I am hoping to have a good few days.


  1. No, this is not the type of shout-out I want. Play better. Run better. TYIA.

  2. I meant to say that the sweat + the videos got me studying and reviewing a lot, which I had gotten out of for a while. The sweat definitely helped, and I can feel that I am going to crush soon.