Sunday, September 12, 2010

Poker Setup

I would post my graph for September so far, but it is easier to describe - imagine a whole lot of nothingness. Yup, I haven't played a single hand of poker this month and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I have also begun staking someone and am looking to take on serious, long-term, and dedicated poker players who want to crush super turbos and have a lot of time on their hands. Leave a comment if you want to be staked and coached.

I am moving to London in 2 days and have pretty much decided to get a completely new and awesome poker setup. Right now, I play with a crappy laptop and a 24 inch monitor. Here is a to-do list of things to buy when I reach London:

1. 15 inch Macbook Pro with upgrades to speed
2. 30 inch HP monitor
3. Wireless keyboard
4. External hard drive, so I don't need to delete any movies/TV shows
5. USB hub
6. Dongle for backup internet

Any other recommendations? I am pretty clueless when it comes to technology but would love to have a few fancy and useful gadgets. I already have some nice headphones.

I will update next when I reach London... I cannot wait!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August Results

August was a massive volume fail, despite the work week. I played a grand total of 61.5 hours!! So pathetic. But I have my reasons for doing so. I am getting ready to move to London, and am just really excited about that.


It's not bad at all for 61.5 hours of playing. I made around 1k in rakeback as well.

I have pretty much decided to buy a MacBook Pro and use Windows on it. I will order it once I get to London. I am a technology noob, so if anyone has any better suggestions, please let me know. I only really need my laptop to be able to hook up to a 30 inch monitor and to be reasonably fast for playing poker. I will probably customize it and get the 8GB RAM and a SSD. I obviously just learned what all that means (somewhat anyway).

I just have so much random stuff to do, that I don't know how much I will play in the next 14 days. I am hoping to squeeze in a few sessions. Once I settle down in London, I will definitely be playing as much as I can.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Work Week

The goal was to play 1000 super turbos from Monday-Friday and put in the hours regardless of what happened (like having a job). I managed to do that despite not playing 2 nights because I went out. I had to play 192 super turbos on Friday, which was always going to be a challenge due to going out for dinner. I played a pretty long morning session (142 games) and then a quick session after lunch to get the games in. The overall results are very pleasing.


By day

Some numbers:

Super Turbos played: 1017
Average Buyin: 53
Hours: 29.2
Games per hour: 34.8
Winnings: 4768 (EV 5468)
ROI: 8.8% (EV 10.1%)
Rakeback: 562
Rakeback per hour: 19.2
Hourly with rakeback: 182 (EV 206)
Total winnings: 5330

I am not sure but I feel like I definitely ran hot with my red line since I don't think it has ever gone up at 10% through 1000 games at super turbos. I did run 700 below EV in allins though. It was a very satisfying week, and I am going to do it again next week. Getting into a routine was nice and there is no excuse for me not to be putting in the hours.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Last 2 Days: 373 Super Turbos


I ended up just playing a morning session, and then went out to a nice bar with quite a few people. It was a super fun night. The poker was breakeven.



I managed to wake up at 9 today, despite having a small hangover. A cup of coffee cured that, and I put in a ton of games. I had fallen a bit behind pace and needed to catch up. I played 246 super turbos and ran stupidly bad. Like really bad. 34 buyins under EV.


I am now at 808 super turbos for the week, and have to play 192 tomorrow. However, my friend is having a party in his house and so I won't be able to play at all at night. So my morning session has to be a loooooooong one, more than 5 hours. Bring it on.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tuesday: 235 Super Turbos

Today was another really nice day. I woke up bright and early at 9AM and played a 120 game session in 3.5 hours. I then played 2 shorter sessions much later in the evening. The end result?

Fun Tuesday

That's 435 super turbos down, 565 to go. 3 days left. I am going out drinking with friends tomorrow night, so I am aiming for a long morning session.

In one of the 100s that I got heads up in, I got the worst stretch of cards I have probably ever gotten. It was so bad that I had to take a screenshot of it.


72o, 72o, 32s, 72s, 82o, 64s, 64o, 83o, 97o, 94s.... pretty spectacular right? What's even more spectacular is that I won 5 of the 10 pots because my opponent was a tight fish who limp/folded or open-folded a ton. See you tomorrow.